Henrique Folster

The Nature Conservancy

Global warming is a real problem, and its consequences are the worst possible. Products of Tomorrowwas a Facebook webstore of products created from the realistic bad picture of the future on Earth. Through a mix of retro and futurism, I created illustrations to explore the feeling of nostalgia from a generation who won’t have access to simple pleasures we take as granted today. The Mars-inspired color code portrays beautiful scenes, but subtle details reveal problematic realities: temperature increase, lack of water and, consequently, soil infertility, the three major problems caused by the global warming.

Also designed the packages. Luxury products to highlight how valuable they will get in our tragic future scenario. Each product was launched with a sensorial film exploring the bright side of a dystopian world, similar but different from the one we have today.

Awarded the Bill Bernbach 2018, as the best design between all DDB offices across the world.